Workplace Compliance

This service is accessible to FCA members as an included benefit of their membership. The compliance helpline is powered by ER Strategies and one of their consultants will be pleased to support you with practical ER / IR advice. Whilst the time is nominally limited to 30 minutes per call, they are happy to support FCA members in the following areas.
  • Best practice employment standards
  • Pay rates & conditions
  • Counselling and discipline matters
  • Legal obligations
  • Employee disputes
  • Discrimination matters
Employment Compliance HelpLine 1300 108 486 for financial FCA members Powered by ER Strategies


The FCA sets high standards and we remain vigilant to ensure Members comply with the FCA Member Standards.If a party believes a Member has breached the FCA Member Standards, we require a complaint form to be completed and submitted along with supporting evidence to the complaints officer. The complaint will be acknowledged and reviewed. It will then be referred on to the FCA Ethics Committee for review and determination. The entire process is confidential. Click for the:
  • FCA Complaints Process
  • FCA Complaints Form
  • FCA Member Standards

Dispute Resolution

The FCA is an industry representative body and not an industry watchdog or regulator.

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