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Submissions for the 2024 Business Essentials FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards, Franchise Industry Leadership open 9 October 2023.

Application fee: $600 ex GST

Information for participating franchise systems

Award Definition

This award recognises individuals who have made significant and positive contributions to the franchise industry, and who have shown exceptional leadership and dedication to championing growth, reputation, and success within the world of franchising.


Franchisors, franchise head office staff or franchisees with three or more years experience in franchising.

To enter the awards you must be a financial FCA member, including at the time of the presentation of the awards.

Benefits for participating in this award

  • Helps identify individuals and groups within the system who are invested in the success of the business.
  • Stimulates new ideas among staff and franchisees for the further success of the business.
  • An opportunity to acknowledge forward thinkers and highlight the positive changes they’ve helped to make.
  • Acknowledgement of individuals and groups assists in the attraction and retention of quality franchisees and staff.

Award Process

  1. Review the assessment criteria below to confirm that you are willing to respond to detailed questions in these areas. Awards submissions will be assessed against specific Awards questions that are available upon registering through the online Awards portal below and paying the Awards application fee.
  2. For 2024, National Awards submissions will open in October. Click here to view the opening and closing dates for awards.
  3. Click the link below to register for the online Awards portal and pay the application fee. Your application fee goes toward covering the administration, marketing and assessment costs associated with the Awards.
  4. You will be sent a link to complete your online submission(s) containing a number of specific questions based on the areas of assessment below. No late submissions will be accepted.
  5. All submissions will be assessed by judges using predefined criteria to create a short-list of finalists. You will be kept informed of the status of your submission.
  6. The winner of Franchise Innovation, and merit award winners, will be announced at the Business Essentials FCA National Excellence in Franchising Awards on 21 May 2024.

Areas to be assessed

Innovation Your innovative ideas and approaches that have benefited the franchise community. This could be demonstrated through the ability to solve problems and create new opportunities for growth and development.
Industry advocacy How you have promoted and/or advocated for the franchise industry, advancing its reputation, interests, and growth.
Mentorship This area assesses how you have mentored and developed other franchise industry professionals and franchisees to succeed in their own careers and businesses.
Industry collaboration How do you collaborate and work effectively with other franchise industry professionals, franchisors, franchisees, and other stakeholders to drive positive change and growth.
Positive impact This area assesses your positive impact on the franchise industry, its stakeholders, and the broader community.
Above & beyond This area assesses the ways in which the business has gone beyond regular expectations to demonstrate ‘excellence’

NOTE: This is general information only – for specific awards criteria you must log in at

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