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Franchise Relationships Institute

The world’s leading specialists in the psychology of franchising.
The Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI) was founded by psychologist and author, Greg Nathan, to make a positive difference to the lives of the people who work in the global franchising sector.
We believe in the power of franchising to help people gain financial independence, express their drive to achieve in creative ways, and put something back into the community. Over the past three decades, FRI has built a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, research analysts and franchise professionals with a mission to foster profitable partnerships in the global franchising sector using evidence-based, franchise-specific assessment tools and educational programs. Each year, the FRI team engages with nearly 10,000 franchisees and franchisor executives from nearly 200 brands across 17 countries.

Franchisor Excellence Masterclass

This course attracts 320 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Sessions: 5 x 2 Hour Sessions

The Franchisor Excellence Masterclass delivers powerful insights into the psychology of franchising that every franchisor executive needs to know. The content is practical and evidence-based, and draws from FRI’s decades of research working with hundreds of the world’s most successful franchise networks. Sessions are highly interactive and provide participants with the tools and processes proven to build a profitable, healthy franchising culture where franchisor teams and franchisees can work together to achieve their goals.

Participants will learn and experience:

– New insights from business psychology on how to build trust and commitment

– Techniques to grow your network with high-quality franchisees

– Leadership strategies to build commitment and buy-in to change

– Systems to deliver relevant support for franchisees at different stages of their lifecycle

– Diagnostic tools to measure the health of your franchise network

– Processes that create a healthy culture based on the principles of profitable partnerships

– Current and emerging trends that are shaping the future of franchising

– Insights into how to run collaborative committees without losing decision-making control

– Tips and techniques to fully engage franchisees in important brand initiatives

Advanced Field Manager Bootcamp

This course attracts 320 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Sessions: 5 x 2 Hour Sessions

The Advanced Field Manager Bootcamp is a practical experiential professional development program that equips field managers with high-level knowledge, skills and strategies to build credibility, trust and commitment with experienced franchisees. Participants must have completed the Foundation program so they have a grounding in the models on which this course is based.

Participants will learn and experience:

– Dig deeper into familiar models so you understand the mechanisms behind how they work

– Introduce new concepts and help you identify how to use these to improve your effectiveness

– Help you to understand how the models fit together and integrate them into your own practice

– Review important concepts to help you drive the profitability and sales of your franchisees

– Create opportunities where you can share your experiences and insights with your peers

– Encourage you to revisit existing goals and set further meaningful goals and action plans

– Keep the learning process challenging, engaging and enjoyable

Foundation Field Manager Bootcamp

This course attracts 320 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Sessions: 5 x 2 Hour Sessions

The Foundation Field Manager Bootcamp is a practical, interactive professional development program for field managers. It delivers essential knowledge and skills that enables field managers to maximise the value they deliver to franchisees and to do their challenging and important work with confidence.

Participants will learn and experience:

– Models on the psychology of the franchise relationship

– Processes to deliver effective face to face and virtual field visits

– Group discussions to share best practice on hot topics.

– Real-life case studies on how to resolve difficult situations

– Techniques for managing difficult conversations

– Coaching tools for improving motivation and performance

Culture of Franchising Workshop

This course attracts 80 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Sessions: 2 x 2 Hour Sessions

The Culture of Franchising workshop will give your team an understanding of what franchisees need, and how to deliver this in an effective, empathetic manner. Even your most seasoned franchisor staff will come away with new insights and skills. Beside having the opportunity to share ideas and insights with other attendees from different brands, participants will learn:

– What franchisees want from a franchisor

– The various stages of the franchisee lifecycle

– The psychology of healthy franchise relationships

– Tips for diffusing difficult situations and conversations

– How to get franchisee buy-in to change and important policies

– Common mistakes that frustrate franchisees and how to avoid them

– How to provide appropriate emotional support to distressed franchisees