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Putting people first the key to Quest’s success

Putting people first the key to Quest’s success

Having recently been awarded Australia’s first 5-star rating under the Australian Franchise Rating Scale, Quest Apartment Hotels has demonstrated an outstanding level of franchise performance across its network.

It’s an unwavering focus on people – be that existing franchisees, prospective franchisees or customers – that has been instrumental in Quest’s ability to generate continued success over its 31-year history.

It’s a seemingly simple formula of ensuring franchisees are provided with the structure, resources and support to achieve their business goals while meeting the needs of the customers who stay at any one of the brand’s 130-plus Australian properties.

For Quest’s franchisees, that means business planning is embedded in their operations right from the recruitment and selection process. Once a franchisee joins the brand, there is a culture of measurement, feedback, and benchmarking that provides the platform for franchise partners to succeed.

For guests, it means Quest’s continual pursuit to understand the customers’ needs and delivering a great experience for each guest. Whether that’s the type of coat hanger guests will find in their cupboards or the personalised service that is delivered at each property, the product and offering has been developed and refined to not only meet but exceed the requirements of its clientele.

Extracted from article originally published in issue 3 of The Franchise Review 2019, the Official Journal of the Franchise Council of Australia.