What the FCA can do for you!

Membership of the FCA is voluntary, and open to any organisation or individual involved in the franchise sector including franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers to the sector such as lawyers, accountants, banks, consultants and publishers.

Whether it’s providing advice on the best current practices in franchising, advocating to government on regulatory and legislative matters, promoting franchising in the media or providing educational services to our members, the FCA does its part to make the sector a profitable, rewarding, and sustainable place to work.

Members of the Franchise Council of Australia are part of a unique association in which business experience and information are shared freely. Membership means solidarity: as an FCA member you belong to an association in which your peers and a highly experienced support team work together for the advancement of the sector while sharing the bond of a common method of doing business even if their individual businesses are very different.

It is this non-competitive culture of sharing that makes the FCA unique among industry associations, and this alone can recoup the cost of membership many times over from a single piece of advice gleaned from a fellow member at an FCA event.

FCA membership benefits are both tangible and intangible. The FCA’s strong foundations stem from its members, and include:

What does it mean to be a member of the FCA?


This is maintained through our member standards and the Franchising Code of Conduct

Professional Support

Through education programs, networking opportunities and regular events.


Ensuring your voice is heard by governments and regulators.

The benefits of FCA membership are an essential component in of creating and maintaining a successful franchising systems. The FCA’s top priority is safeguarding the reputation of franchising as a business concept, and many FCA members who operate well-established franchisor businesses are happy to provide “mentoring” to networks that have not achieved scale.

The Franchise Council of Australia encourages franchisees to become involved in broader issues affecting the franchise sector, either through the membership purchased by their franchise system or through taking out their own personal membership. The FCA can provide recommendations regarding service providers such as accountants, banks, lawyers, consultants etc. Many franchisees join the FCA to maintain and develop their professional skills in franchising, along with the networking benefits the FCA’s member events offer, which may open new and exciting opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

These are just a few of the highly valuable benefits of membership of the Franchise Council of Australia.

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