30 May 2024

Franchisee Mark Spiteri shares insights into his remarkable journey of enhancing the St Mary’s Jax Tyres & Auto store, nearly tripling its value and positioning it as a top performer within the JAX network. Key factors driving this achievement included a customer-centric approach, diversification of services, and fostering a supportive leadership style.

Mark's strategy focused on expanding revenue streams and transforming the store into a solutions provider for customers, ensuring their needs were met comprehensively. By augmenting staff and enhancing mechanical services, he boosted profit margins while maintaining the integrity of the JAX model.

Investments in infrastructure, such as adding a mezzanine floor and increasing tyre storage space, coupled with enhanced health and safety protocols, further contributed to the store's success. Mark also emphasized the importance of leveraging IT and technology, particularly JAX's proprietary software, to maintain a competitive edge.

His leadership approach prioritizes team support and effective communication, crucial in navigating organizational changes and garnering buy-in from staff. Despite initial resistance, Mark's commonsense initiatives led to tangible improvements, reflected in increased Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and positive Google reviews, indicative of improved customer and staff retention rates.

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