30 May 2024

The 2024 National Franchise Convention (NFC) was marked by memorable moments, including a stirring keynote speech by an Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist. Their inspiring words, urging attendees to embrace life to the fullest, culminated in a resounding standing ovation. Additionally, the event featured the prestigious National Excellence in Franchising awards Gala Dinner and an enlightening Legal Symposium, among other engaging sessions.

Among the highlights of the convention was an address by the interim CEO of the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA), Tanya Robertson. In her speech, Robertson underscored member engagement, value, and growth as the primary focuses of her tenure. Emphasizing the importance of the FCA's role within the franchising community, she outlined plans to enhance engagement through innovative strategies aimed at fostering dialogue, knowledge sharing, and actionable insights.

Central to Robertson's vision is the delivery of exceptional value to FCA members. She articulated a commitment to reevaluating and refining the organization's services and benefits to ensure they are not only of high quality but also highly relevant to the needs of members. This may involve tailored training programs, enhanced legal and regulatory support, and more assertive advocacy efforts on industry-related issues.

In line with its commitment to member satisfaction and growth, the FCA is set to introduce new initiatives designed to attract and retain members. These initiatives will be complemented by intensified efforts to showcase success stories through various media channels, both traditional and social.

Acknowledging the importance of continuity and succession planning, Robertson stressed the significance of laying down robust and forward-thinking strategies for

future leadership transitions. This collaborative approach, she noted, ensures organizational resilience and adaptability in the face of change.

Brendan Green, Chair of the FCA, affirmed the board's commitment to ensuring a smooth leadership transition, acknowledging the inherent challenges involved. He expressed confidence in Robertson's leadership, noting the sense of stability she has brought to the organization. Looking ahead, Green highlighted the board's forthcoming meeting, which will focus on shaping the FCA's executive leadership structure to sustain the momentum generated by the NFC.