Developing relationships and gaining coaching skills with Tori Cooke

Tori, with 25 years in behavioural science, specialises in handling hostile behaviours and offers consultation across Australia. Certified educator and mentor, her focus is on enhancing workplace communication and engagement through professional skills development. She also provides burnout prevention training for businesses and NGOs. Tori helps franchisors and franchisees understand themselves better to improve business strategies.

The workshop focuses on key areas critical to leadership success. The training program covers "Personal Leadership Development" and offers tailored strategies to promote personal growth and leadership success.  This leadership course aims to develop leaders with a multifaceted skill set essential for effective and inspiring leadership in the franchise business environment.

Our 4 online live interactive workshops, conducted in two-hour sessions, offer a transformative journey.  


Tori's session include:

Session one: Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Leaders self-awareness and influence

  • Identify and understand personal leadership styles.
  • Explore effective communication strategies.
  • Gain fundamentals for impactful leadership in diverse team and stakeholder environments.
  • Building High-Performing Teams

Session two: Recognising Profiles, Behaviors and Roadblocks:

  • Learn to recognise and manage the roadblocks within yourself and your teams.
  • Foster environments conducive to growth, trust, and loyalty.
  • Create a safe environment for optimal team performance.

Session three: Emotional Intelligence and Change Management:

  • Discover, enhance, and implement your emotional intelligence awareness and skill set.
  • Navigate change with resilience and stability.
  • Motivate and coach staff through change.
  • Promote adaptability and lead teams through uncertainty.

Session four: Coaching skills for better team outcomes:

  • Coaching skills are essential for effective leadership and fostering growth and development within teams. A skilled coach possesses the ability to guide individuals towards realising their full potential, both professionally and personally.
  • This involves active listening and providing constructive feedback in a supportive manner.
  • Effective coaches understand the importance of empathy and emotional intelligence in connecting with team members and creating a safe space for exploration and learning.

How to Run Engaging Franchise conferences and Meetings with Greg Nathan

Greg Nathan is a business psychologist and best-selling author who is respected globally for his pioneering research and educational work supporting the franchising sector. He is a dynamic teacher who brings unique and practical insights to his sessions. In this interactive virtual masterclass Greg will share practical tips, tools and techniques to help you run engaging conferences and meetings that franchisees enjoy.  Topics to be covered include:

✔ How to create an engaging conference program that delivers a high ROI.

✔ What franchisees love and loathe about conferences.

✔ Do’s and don’ts of effective room set up.

✔ Common mistakes made by inexperienced organisers and how to avoid them.

✔ Understanding the difference between presentation and facilitation and when to use these.

✔ How to manage emotional meetings and avoid them turning negative.

✔ How to boost franchisee participation in face-to-face and virtual events.




For more information, please contact, [email protected].

CFE Points - 360
SESSION 5 ONLY CFE Points - 100