The Franchise Council of Australia will be facilitating three classes on Wednesday 22 May following the National Franchise ConventionFranchise X.

An experienced training consultant will facilitate a morning and afternoon class, allowing delegates to attend one class in the morning and one class in the afternoon. Delegates can select two different classes to attend.

Date: Wednesday 22 May 

Duration: each session 9.30- 12.30 pm and 1.30- 4.30pm


WORKSHOP 1. Building a high-performance team with Stacy Oehlman

Social worker with 14+ years' experience in child protection and family violence, adept at training and supervising teams in rural and urban settings. Committed to ethical practice and team development.

Building High-Performance Teams:

✔ Aligning organizational culture with staff values enhances retention.

✔ Key factors include employee development, recognition, and inclusive communication.

✔ Benefits include enhanced job satisfaction, improved engagement, and reduced turnover.

✔ Emphasize systems for accountability, compliance, and risk mitigation to support business growth.



WORKSHOP 2. Developing relationships and gaining coaching skills with Tori Cooke

Tori, with 25 years in behavioural science, specializes in handling hostile behaviors and offers consultation across Australia. Certified educator and mentor, her focus is on enhancing workplace communication and engagement through professional skills development. She also provides burnout prevention training for businesses and NGOs. Tori helps franchisors and franchisees understand themselves better to improve business strategies.

Training for franchise managers focuses on:

✔ Relationship Building: Trust and effective communication are vital for franchise success.

✔ Coaching Leadership: Effective managers create positive work environments and uphold brand standards.

✔ Communication Skills: Clear communication and active listening foster collaboration and support franchise strategy.



WORKSHOP 3. How to Run Engaging Franchise Conferences and Meetings with Greg Nathan

Greg, a renowned business psychologist, is celebrated globally for his pioneering work supporting the franchising sector. As a dynamic educator and former franchise owner/executive, he brings practical insights to his keynote speeches at international franchise conferences. Greg authored five best-selling books on franchising and developed innovative models like The Franchise E-Factor.

In this half-day masterclass, you'll discover:

✔ Crafting engaging conference agendas with measurable goals.

✔ Identifying the six elements of valuable conferences for franchisees.

✔ Utilizing room architecture and "Tableology" for attendee engagement.

✔ Avoiding common mistakes made by inexperienced organizers.

✔ Distinguishing between presentation and facilitation, and applying effective facilitation principles.

✔ Maintaining constructive meetings and preventing disruptions.

✔ Implementing tips and processes to boost franchisee engagement in both face-to-face and virtual events.




For more information and booking, visit the offical NFC24 website below, and any questions please contact, [email protected].